Worst Breakups Ever: 90’s TV Shows

8. Friends: Ross & Rachel

Let’s be honest, we’ve all watched the show, seen the relationship unfold and heard the phrase, “We were on a break!” a million times. I’m not ashamed to admit this was a great show, and watching those two love birds yell it out while the rest of the gang was cooped up in another room within earshot just added some good old fashioned comedy to an otherwise awful situation. This is low on the list purely because it’s obvious and too good. 

90s TV show break ups

7. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air: Lisa & Will

This ranks fairly low on the list because it was hard to get too attached to these two. Since the show was strictly a comedy, there was never too much drama going on, and even if there was drama, it was usually pretty funny anyways. (See episode where they beat each other with foam bats).

90s TV Break ups - Fresh Prince

6. Home Improvement: Al Borland and Eileen Whatever Her Last Name Was

This may be a surprise to some, but let’s think about it - Al was one of the most likable characters on TV ever. He was funny, nice, made some jokes, just a good ole boy. He never got to kiss girls on the show, and hardly ever date them. He was abused verbally and physically by Tim constantly. The one time he gets an attractive girl whom he has the potential to marry, they (the writers) take her away from him. I was sad for Al. I wanted him to end up well. Instead he got married to the “ugly girl" from A League of Their Own.

90s TV Break ups - Home Improvement

5. Family Matters: Stefan Ur-kel & Laura Winslow / Steve Urkel & Myra Munkhouse

Every time Steve juiced up his “transformation chamber” in his basement, you couldn’t wait for Stefan, the suave, handsome and charming version of Steve, to come out. He was the man. I couldn’t believe the stuff he would say and if I could go back in time, I would write it all down and use it. When Stefan became a permanent fixture on the show once Steve duplicated himself via science, there was too much Urkel for one show to handle. Stefan, who SHOULD have ended up with Laura, moved to Paris like an idiot and Steve ended up with Laura once the show started sucking and the original mom left, but everyone pretended she was the same anyways. 

Myra was Steve’s long-time girlfriend. It was an ironic relationship because Myra was super hot and couldn’t keep her hands off of Steve. She was psychotic, but I would have been flattered if a girl was that clinically insane over me…maybe. Steve left Myra for Laura - the girl who rejected him his entire life until Stefan left. Real smart Steve. I’m sure that didn’t last.

4. Full House: DJ Tanner & Steve

When DJ returned from Spain with her new boyfriend, Steve, no one expected him to become a permanent character on the show - but he was for a while. You kinda grew to like him because he was funny, really stupid, and always ate the Tanner’s food. He was like the Kramer of Full House. The two split up on top of a mountain, and DJ went all crazy dating “Viper” from Jesse’s band and Nelson, a nerdy rich kid. Steve would have his ultimate revenge when he became the voice to Aladdin, and he and DJ would eventually end up together on the very last episode of Full House. 

3. Boy Meets World: Corey & Topanga

What a roller coaster, this show. Never has a comedy been more focused on “feelings” in history. Corey was allllways whining about the future and getting married and sometimes it felt like a soap opera. But that set it up for one of the most devastating break ups on 90s TV. When Corey kissed another girl, I punched a hole through my TV. Not really. But Corey stopped at nothing to get her back, and he did - after a long emotional battle with everyone in his life. You’re dating Topanga dude, don’t kiss other girls. I’m sure they’re doing wonderfully these days. 

2. Full House: Danny Tanner & Vicky Larson

This may come as a shock. Danny is on this list the same reason Al Borland was. Danny was weird, but you liked the guy. He worked hard, kind of, and went out with a lot of ladies, though none of them really stuck around for more than one episode. When Aunt Becky got pregnant and her new replacement Vicky came along, our boy Danny was smitten. Vicky was around for 14 episodes, which is a lot. The two got engaged in Disney World during the fireworks, and it looked like Danny had found love and that she would be sticking around for a while. Soon after, Vicky was offered her dream job across the country. Danny didn’t want her to quit and Vicky took the job like a real piece of crap. Vicky is a real sell out, and Danny was left ladyless for the remainder of the show. Vicky was murdered (I’m sure) once she got to Chicago. 

1. Saved By The Bell: Zack & Kelly

This should be no surprise. Zack and Kelly were poised to become the “it” couple since the first day of SBTB’s high school years. For years the couple was on again, off again, and you always cheered them on waiting for that magical day when they would get together. haha. That sounded weird. Kelly’s dad lost his job and Kelly started working at the Max to make money to help her family. Zack asked her to the big dance, but Kelly couldn’t afford to go. No problem. In an uncharacteristic move, Zack buys Kelly’s “Romeo and Juliet” themed dress for her and her ticket. However, Kelly (like a tramp) had kissed Jeff - her probably-too-old-to-be-doing-that manager at the Max. Kelly tried to deny Zack’s kindness, but reluctantly went to the dance. Kelly and Zack went outside to the picnic table and Slater and Jesse poorly pretended to sing “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You” with their band in the gym. As the music played in the background, Kelly told Zack she liked Jeff and wanted to break up. After all Zack had done for her. Zack says “I thought we’d always be together” and asks Kelly for one last dance. He even cries. And that had to have been the most watched piece of television in the history of this planet because I can’t think of anything more important than that. 

Please feel free to agree or disagree and let me know who you think should have made or not made the list.